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Photos of the Brave American Ninja in Action!


American Ninja's enemy Robox

Robox, American Ninja and sidekick Ricky battle

American Ninja's trusted sidekick Ricky and Robox come to blows

American Ninja questions a possible spy

Ricky saves the girl thought to be a spy from Robox

Ready for action!


Ricky and American Ninja, a dynamic duo for the ages

Saving the world is hard work. Ricky takes a time-out.



Don't screw with a ninja master.

Robox attacks!

Sucker punch!

It's Hope! ...Yeah, we don't know what she's doing either.

Ninja and Ricky, a dynamic duo for the ages!

Yoshimi, the Ninja Therapist and the Girl of American Ninja's Dreams

More Yoshimi

American Ninja and Yoshimi battle Hurricane Ivan

Ninja and Yoshimi enjoy a day at the park...fighting crime

Photos by Lauren Marshall